Scrap-lifier Project Pics

Here are some pics. I’ll give a brief description, but I haven’t got time yet to do a fully labeled diagram.

Here you can see the volume control (centre-left), the smoothing caps (centre, 10,000 uF @ 50V) and fuses and on/off (right).
The chasis is from an old mono 100V line voltage Public Address amplifier.
It’s currently running off a 20vac 200VA torroidal (yes, a bit small). I have plans for a +/- 10A 30V DC regulated power supply to be built and installed in the near future.

View from above. The torroid is just out-of-shot to the right, but you can clearly see the tube, caps and output chips on the heatsink.
Had no problems setting-up, no problems running it.
If the noise-floor got any lower, it’d fall into an underground secret military base.
It was a little ‘bright’ for the first day or so, but now nearly a week in (and ‘on’ 24/7) and it’s starting to sound very good; refined but with bite. Played Toccata and Fuge last night, and I could see every pipe in 3D.

More soon.


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