Translation of Recent News Item.

“When someone in the present circumstances, introduces a bookshelf speaker at a price of 1995 pounds, it had better have a good ace up it’s sleeve, and not just a comparative advantage in relation to existing and established competitors. Alacrity Audio is a kind of British underground audio manufacturer, with a different approach to making and marketing a distinctive speaker. The Caterthun Model stands proudly as a British product, with which they did not skimp on anything – even hand-selecting the highest quality components, and choosing English Oak for cabinet making.

However, what is special is that they are capable of playing infraspektra or frequencies lower than 20Hz.

Thus, the manufacturer states that this is a high performance two way loudspeaker, capable of reproducing low frequencies due to their Acoustic Induction cabinet loading technology, without adversely affecting the higher frequencies in the audible spectrum. This technology enables the creation of standing waves, something that is usually avoided in the construction of cabinets, not at the resonant frequency of speaker system, because it does not even exist, but at all frequencies from a few hertz up to 10kHz. Thus we get the sound without distortion in the range from 20 kHz to below 15Hz.

In other words, when playing the Caterthuns, they portray an additional two to three octaves compared to speakers of a similar price or structure. Particularly praiseworthy is the fact that the bass from their speaker is not loud but deep, with no distortion. The sensitivity of the system is 86dB, nominal impedance 8 ohms, and the dimensions of each box 205 x 415 x 250 mm with a weight of 10kg.

Used units are; 17 cm (bass) and 20mm soft dome tweeter. Featured accommodation from the rear wall is 10-15 cm. Speakers are available in a flight case which you must return to the manufacturer, or buy it for 200 pounds. Additionally, Alacrity Audio are working on the development of broadband 6.5-inch driver, which would cover the frequencies from 15-15.000Hz.”

Thanks to Google Translation’ s AI, plus a bit of RI from me!


About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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1 Response to Translation of Recent News Item.

  1. “…We are the sound
    Of the Underground…”
    25 Years On.
    OMG, my life just became a Hawkwind song!!!

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