Life with a pair of Cats.

I’ll be honest now. I love my Caterthuns. They’re so small and unassuming, and yet so… potent. And they take on different guises through the day. In the morning, they stream RT’s news feed and play music. Some afternoon documentaries seem more involving with their in-your-face camera angles and intimate, detailed sound field. Others, with their production values set firmly in a 5.1 surround sound paradigm, rattle windows and doors without effort from my Cats. They sit enigmatically on their stands, aloof and remote, as though that gut-wrenching boom from the soundtrack obviously emanated from somewhere else and had nothing to do with them. During the evenings, gently burbling reggae into the sunset or taking you on a musical journey, they are constant and worthy companions. And then, as darkness unfolds, so does their real party trick; a high-octane action film + projector + a pair of Cats makes for a mind-blowing performance. I never feel that I’m missing any detail from them, or being robbed of any bass depth at any time. And even with a 60 w/channel, four channel amplifier (I bi-amp my Cats at home), they never give the sense that they are running out of dynamic headroom. I am, at last, actually content and satisfied with a single pair of loudspeakers. I just need a bigger amp now…

About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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