The value of hard work.

Small businesses have always been the backbone of our economy. 

To build something from nothing, to create Actuality from Inspiration, requires (nay, “demands”) an inexhaustible passion for one’s subject. I don’t mind admitting; I’m a Passionate Man.

Is it wrong though?

Aggressive Globalism has been an unexpected consequence of mass Capitalism. Whole countries were caught wrong-footed in the legislative sense during the era of international mergers and acquisitions. What is the actual problem here? Unlike small businesses (which were already well regulated within their home markets and capitalised proportionately), major corporations are bound by international law to maximising shareholder profits, including use of offshore accounts and other corporate tax avoidance tactics, to the detriment of all other concerns, known as “externalities”. (I know a 30 year veteran engineer at one of the power companies mentioned who is watching our infrastructure being eviscerated by under-investment compared to public ownership years [back when we had a manufacturing economy to supply home-grown demand instead of said corporations outsourcing globally to the cheapest bidder to maximise…], plus his own contractual terms are being constantly eroded). 

Compare and contrast; small businesses need to retain their highly skilled/specialised staff, not see high staff-turnover as a way of saving costs. Their bosses must look the staff in the eye every day. This kept salary levels within about 7 to 1, from top to bottom. It also kept other working conditions within a reasonable range. There was real market competition; mergers (monopolisations) were rare and innovation was encouraged, especially in my industry

Small businesses have to tack to a much tighter moral compass. 

How does this recent financial imbalance/exportation of wealth lead to increased disposable income/spending within our community? IT DOESN’T! We’ve been ‘down-sized’.

We’ve got to think “local” again. 

What have we got locally, apart from one of the most creative communities I’ve ever found?

Without supporting the small enterprises and start-ups, trying to compete or even be heard in the presence of these huge interests, how will we ever find out? 

How else will we ever start our economy again?


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