In days-gone-by, when regular deliveries were a thing of the future, mill owners faced running short of grain for the mills. Rather than shut-down the mill, and face the complicated task of restarting it, the mill owner would call for “Grist, for the Mill”. This might consist of seeds, peas or lentils, anything to stop the teeth of the mill-stones grinding each other. If this happened, the flour would be full of grit which would sink to the bottom half of the dough while rising. The resultant bread was cut through the middle and the gritty bottom half was sold to the poor, while the less hazardous top half was sold at a higher price (hence the social-class term “the upper-crust).

By calling for grist for the mill, the miller both improved the flour and improved everyone’s experience.

We have had Grist in the Mill. A small side-project is looking like it might become very important, very soon. Look out for further announcements.

Jon + AATeam

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Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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