Deltec Precision Audio came to visit

There was a visitor to The Cave yesterday. We had Adrian from Deltec Precision Audio over for some mammoth burger and gramophone listening. What a nice chap he is. We had a wonderful afternoon. We are very much of an age, Adrian and I, and he arrived with music that was familiar to us both, a full pre/power amp package (SA1/MA1 £8400), their PDM3 DAC (£2650) and a grand’s worth of interconnects. This went up against the test system we keep caged in the Cave; laptop (£300) DAC (£100) and Cave-built 4ch gain-clone. Both were run through some new megaliths I’ve recently dragged to the Cave (more news on these later).

Adrian has had a pair of our Caterthun Classics for some time now, and is so happy with them that he intends to offer them with his electronics as a complete package. He was yet to hear our new megaliths so we skipped refreshing ourselves with the Classics and moved straight to listening through the new ones, which on the Cave in-system immediately showed greater detail and weightier bass. Confident that everything was working, the gain-stone was dispatched to the back of the Cave and Adrian brought his toys in.

Initially, he was worried about the size of the new megaliths and how they might react to the confines of my humble Cave, but after a few moments he relaxed and we lost an afternoon in music.

The system was beautiful. Authoritative, nimble-footed and clear as crystal, it made light work of the most complex passages while at 110dB. It had a wonderful ability to recognise a bad recording without ruining it, and was so stable that not even the most cross-over torturing female vocal could tip it into instability. The walls of the Cave disappeared and the bass, without bloom, seemed to go down through the floor.

So, Deltec Precision Audio and Alacrity Audio will be working together and representing each other at every opportunity for the foreseeable future. Many thanks and great kudos to Adrian for producing such stunning electronics, and “Can we have track six on, please mate?”…


Jon + AATeam

About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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