Review Sumary

I have a problem. I’m sat here at 3:00 am wondering why all our 6 or 7 current media reviews of our Caterthun Classics are so different. The comments range from “harsh” to “relaxed” and “musical”, though admittedly they are overwhelmingly positive, despite some occasional polarity,

Here, I think, lies one of the Caterthun Classic’s strengths, not a weakness.

When Adrian from DPA was here, he commented that every CD sounded different, and this is the first clue. The Caterthun Classics are so transparent that every nuance in the performance of the preceding equipment was plainly obvious, and even fifty year-old recording studios could sound remarkably transparent, though EACH HAD IT’S OWN INDIVIDUAL ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE.

I think something similar is happening in the Review procedure. Personally, I welcome it; audio reproduction is similar in many ways to video reproduction in the home. If the projection media is discoloured (I have a pastel yellow wall that I use my projector on), the resulting spectrum will be tainted. However, if (under different lighting conditions at different times of the day) the overall image is still convincing, the eye soon forgives the room’s colourations and just gets-on with enjoying the picture.

It’s surley most important to have balence within the enviroment, than to dictate terms to a room that can’t supply them.

High-empathy loudspeakers.


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Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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