Brighton HiFi Show – AUDIO WORLD 14

Welcome to the 14th AUDIO WORLD, the longest running Spring Show.

For its traditional Spring Show slot next year, it will return to the SOUTH once again and we have been fortunate enough to find a great venue on the Brighton Seafront: THE HOLIDAY INN.

Hope to see you all there!

For our part, we’ll be demonstrating out Caterthun Classic and Caterthun 8 loudspeakers on a range of Deltec Precision Audio electronics in Room 126. It’s the first room encountered when entering the show proper. Watch out for surprise guests and surprise events through the weekend.

Phew, just got back from set-up.
Finally got a good sound out of that room. It’s funny how all rooms are different; at the last place the solution lay in spreading the speakers as far as possible, this time, the answer was to group them!

Only one or two others had sounds going when we left; the AN room sounded a bit harsh, Avid were paying most attention to their lighting rig and the ground-floor stalls were yet to appear.
So, looking forward to tomorrow. Please leave feedback; by the time everything has settled ( my main issue is the tension that carpet fibres put on loudspeaker-stand spikes; it’s enough to make the system dynamic and time-constant instead of being settled. This affects the sound), which will be Sunday, probably, we should have the best sound in the show.
I’ve also got new test results on the Caterthuns, showing how WILDLY better they are and also showing the nuances of our techniques.
This is all leading on to the Pro series we’re developing, the first of which are the Black Cats, which are on show in ROOM 126!
We also have a competition with two first prizes. U have to be in it to win them…

Wow, where to start. Had a fabulous day; we were very busy from the moment the show opened. My Team, Shaun, Mikee and Adrian gelled together flawlessly. We had BFG breaking the ice at the door against the competition, Mikee played leaflet-monkey and I swanned about the balcony with regular ‘refreshments’ in the sunshine.
Best show yet!!!
Seriously though, we are getting great feedback from this show. People here are just that bit more receptive, and very appreciative of a local enterprise reaching national status. People have been saying that we’re very close to the Avid room in terms of sound quality. That’s with their speakers costing more than TEN TIMES what ours cost. And only a quarter of their size.
Bumped into Max Townsend again. I really value our encounters; he has such a wry sense of humour and so much experience. He gives me encouragement on both a professional and personal level. I’d like to think he’s gently mentoring me, but I think he’s keenest to see the big-boys keep getting their arses kicked. Well Max, I’ve still got me footie-boots on…

About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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