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Here at Alacrity Audio, we like to backup our claims with hard evidence. Many of you will recall my earlier claims about the subsonic performance of the Catherthun loudspeaker system. For some people, these have been claims too far, as few have experienced them in person. My philosophy has always been that you don’t sell speakers without bums on seats. So how to explain, in a non-subjective way, the benefits of a pair of Cats in your living room? Enter the XTZ Pro II Room Analyzer, a consistent winner of Stereophile magazine’s Product of the year award. A cinch to set up, and a piece of cake to use, it showed interesting results from the start. In the following graph, room nodes are visible, but it’s the depth of bass response that most impressed me.


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About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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