Brighton Music Conference: Mixing ‘it’ With The Big Boys.

Wow, what a time we had!

Brighton Music Conference April, 2014. Can I first say “Hi” to all the cool people we met. No, wait, can I say “Hi and Thanks” to all my crew that helped me get through. Hang on, can I change that and say “Hi and thanks for coming” to all our VIPs and guests. Can we do all that AFTER I say “thank you” to Billie, Rob and the rest of the BMC crew, plus the Dome staff. See you all again next year.

Haha, see what I mean. That was such a good ‘do’!

So Many talented people performing and demonstrating their interactive equipment. Seminars were packed to the rafters. We were swept off our feet with interest, especially on the second day.

The first day wasn’t great for us if I’m honest; I thought we’ed be up against headphone stalls and college recruiters. Imagine my dismay when we arrived with a 10 Watt per channel amplifier and found ourselves up against half a dozen PA rigs, 1000’s of times our power…

We put up a good fight, managing to upset the neighbours with a consistent 104dB. However, the likes of Funktion-1 were not impressed. We returned home to lick our wounds, and have a proper look at that amp Adrian had dropped-off the day before.

With BFG of to BnQ for some BLC (big lumps of concrete) and a Crown XLS802 in my pocket (and a DPA SA1 up my shirt-sleeve), we approached Saturday at BMC with a little more confidence.

Hefting the Caterthun 8’s from their cases to the consternation of the gathering crowd, I was oblivious to the stares as I wired the combo together. And in the time it took to purchase from one of my fellow exhibitors a correct cable rather than the one I had cobbled together on my living room floor, our stall received the event’s first and only sound-level related ASBO!

We went on that day to stop almost every visitor in their tracks with the clarity, bass and sheer sound-levels my Cat8s were able to produce. With the new equipment, we were able to hit sound-levels of 120dB consistently, with superb sound quality.

I must admit that, at the end, as all the public had left, I decided to show off a bit again, and I pushed my Catherthun 8 loudspeakers so hard that I could feel the heat baking off the cones. They were running at 400W+/CH. I had to back-off when the ‘clip’ lights started staying on. And they sounded great!

And if you think that’s loud, wait until you hear the new ones…

About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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