Attainable HiFi.

We have just returned from Whittlebury National Audio Show, NAS14.
We had quite an interesting weekend with our Dundee6 Loudspeakers. For the third year in a row, we took the show by storm with our latest design.
We had a few amplifier issues on Saturday after finding an acoustic dead-spot before the doors opened.
Down to a dodgy cable, we had it working for the public in mono in the AM on Saturday, and had sorted the problem fully by the lunchtime.
Even in mono, people were captivated by the Dundees, their extra warmth opposed to the Caterthuns being much appreciated by certain ‘repeat-offenders’ and neophytes alike.
The response of the professional side of the market has been even more uplifting. So many other exhibitors seemed so pleased to see us again; I really feel that we’ve turned a corner in being part of the accepted face of UK HiFi.
I must admit; we played a blindingly good hand.
With our laptop and scraplifier, we absolutely had the most “attainable” hifi in the show (who in this country with the slightest degree of economic activity hasn’t got a 10 year old laptop and a budget amplifier knocking about somewhere).
And yet we were revisited by numerous ticket-paying attendees, who had nothing to gain by wasting their precious time returning to our room to lie to us about how right we were to try to claim the “best room in the show” title.
They must have meant it.
They must have been telling the truth.
We DID have the best room in the show.
One comment was that we had “THE most dialed-in bass of any room” in the show, and comments in that vein were constant both afternoons, after the visitors had had time to assess sufficient systems to settle the matter on the day.
On the Sunday, a nice young chap asked us to play him and his friend a track from his phone by Sonique. I indulged but was not that impressed for over a minute until suddenly the whole room fell over SIDEWAYS and wobbled back and forth. I turned to them to ask what the heck they’d just done to my speakers, when I saw them open-mouthed in shock, staring at my boxes.
The owner of the phone eventually said “Oh my Ghod, you only ever get that with a REALLY good subwoofer’, and if he’d had an extra thousand pounds, we would have had another deal.
Hahaha, happy daze.

About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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