New Friends Of Alacrity Audio; The Bespoke Audio Company just paid us a visit…

New Friends Of Alacrity Audio; The Bespoke Audio Company just paid us a visit. It was so lovely to meet Harry and Lucy. And so refreshing to meet up with fresh young bloods, with the same, highest Quality, Customer Service and No-nonsense approach to the market as we try to take.

It’s all about the Music!!!

They brought a demo model of their production passive pre-amp, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, I’ve heard a lot of equipment now, and I’ve heard a lot of it through the revealing sound-stage of my Acoustic Induction loudspeakers (both Cats and the Dundees).

Against the general prevailing background of electronic stages generating capacitively-coupled MUSH, I have always found myself drifting towards recordings made on Neve mixing desks.

The reason they sound so good is that he (Neve) impedance-balanced every capacitor de-coupled stage with a GIRATOR, or counter-balancing inductor, individually wound to suit that particular stage in the electronics. That’s why the early hand-built models cost the same as three houses, and there may be possibly only six of them surviving in the world. But, WOW, what a sound! Nirvana, Dire Straits, Edwin Collins, Fleetwood Mac; all have produced albums on Neve desks that display astounding acoustics and dynamics, resulting in career-changing albums.

So, yeah, I know what sounds good, and I know what sounds good on my system, but was still surprised at breaking into a broad grin within seconds of including the Bespoke Audio pre-amp into the circuit.

It’s a multi-tapped transformer-coupled, passive pre-amp, and the way it impedance-balances the capacitively-coupled stages of electronics (both up-stream and down-stream) is astonishing. The rendering of vocals and sound-stage brought more than one tear to my eyes. The vocal realism in both modern and ancient recordings took my breath away, and any compression/headroom effects failed to materialise as the power was increased to ‘just-silly’ levels. Seriously, we were at 115dB/300W per ch, without listener-fatigue in any form, and the system was still capable of preserving every nuance of Attack, Sustaine and Diminish of every element in the mix. The couch was vibrating madly while the vocalist’s breath just caressed my cheeks.

So, watch out for the Bespoke Audio Company. Like us, they’ve been in the industry for years and decided to strike out now on their own. They won’t be so for long. Of that, I’m very sure. You’ll be hearing a lot from these guys.


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Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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