Cheating. There is a tendency for manufacturers to produce audio-processed-and-powered loudspeakers. There is only one word for this.

Cheating. There is a tendency for manufacturers to produce audio-processed-and-powered loudspeakers. There is only one word for this…

“Lazy” might be another.

The purest approach for the design of a sound-reproducing-field projection system is a pair of single-point sources arrayed across the expected field of projection, though impractical in use due to ‘real-world’ drive-unit limitations (if they’re big enough to produce acceptable levels of Bass, they can’t move fast enough to accurately reproduce the subtle higher frequencies).

Going for a multi-way design with frequency-dedicated drive units widens the frequency response, but beyond a simple two-way, phase problems start to occur. Plus, cabinet roll-off characteristics limit bass response, regardless of cone-size.

So, apply artificial EQ and Signal Processing, along with on-board power and a separate active sub-woofer, and now we should be getting closer to the Ideal, shouldn’t we?


How can all those disparate elements be combined into one cohesive system with constant gain-characteristics across the board, and be reliably set to the correct frequency envelopes, as well as melding in phase to produce an accurate stereo image?

Easy answer? IT CAN’T!

It’s just lazy engineering.

At Alacrity Audio, we intervene at a much earlier stage of that chain of degradation.

By the clever use of new acoustic principles, we avoid the need for sub-woofers by extending the bass-response of our light, fast drive units to unbelievably low levels. Light, fast drive units which, by virtue of their nature and inherently high slew-rates, allow us to produce two-way loudspeakers with inherently less destructive crossover requirements than three-(or more)-way loudspeakers.

This is combined with a layout that places the bass-port, Bass/mid-range and treble output centers within centimeters of each other. All the sound is emitted from the same six inches of area, as of the perspective of the listener.

Yes, for your enjoyment, Alacrity Audio bring to you the Dundee6, a stereo full-range, fifteen centimeter diameter, single-point source loudspeaker system, the most advanced, accurate and enjoyable of it’s kind in the world.

Merry Christmas.


About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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