Interesting RnD Outcome.

Interesting RnD Outcome. Many years ago, I did some design work for a large and very famous PA company. It involved a stage bass-bin with four 10 inch bass units in a 200 litre cabinet. However, despite it’s size and all the power I could throw at it, it was out performed by what was, at the time, my Caterthun6 predecessor.

Out of a certain sense of disappointment, it sat neglected in my living room for six months until a friend asked to borrow it for a practice session. Seeing no harm in lending it out, I accompanied them to the function room they’d hired for practice.

Gaz was using an 18 Watt H+H head-amp with his bass guitar, which seemed small to me, and I was embarrassed by the sniggers and whispers of “home-made?” from the other band members. Suddenly, all doubts were dispelled as Gaz touched the strings.

I don’t know if you’ve ever stuck your fingers in the corners of your eyes (don’t try this at home, kids), but if you HAVE, you will have noticed how the room shifts and bends.

This is what that bass-bin did. In a room the size of my whole GROUND FLOOR. It took a room the size of the whole ground floor of my 3-bed semi-detached house for those 10 inch drivers to get traction on the room air-load, but when they did, they flew. The sniggers silenced immediately, and instead I was bombarded with requests for shares in my company (it was the ’90s, after all). However, Life intervened (as it does) and plans changed. So, I stuck to using the smaller 5 and 6 inch drive-units, and recently improved that with the introduction of the Caterthun8 (our 8 inch drive-unit monitor-style loudspeaker), all of which are fine in normal domestic environments.

Which brings me to the point. While researching our Dundee series of floor-standers, by including a derivation of transmission-line principles, I’ve managed to put our 8 inch driver into the same performance envelope as the 10 inch drives from years ago, i.e. that of needing a 30-40 m/sq room for full effect.

So, we’ll be shelving this design unfortunately, until we can find a way of competing in the sub-100K market, instead of the sub-10K market.

Mind you, don’t think that that’s the story over. We’re already booked-in to the National Audio Show 2015 at Whittlebury Hall, and we always display a new model. We’re not working on just one new speaker, you know…


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    In clarification to our previous post regarding our decision to not produce the dundee8 prototypes. The Dundee5s get to 15Hz, FGS, the Dundee6s do even better. dundee8s go to the other-side of perfection…

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