New Drug-Driving law coming into effect 2 March sets “zero tolerance / exposure levels” for cannabis, equivalent to LSD

New Drug-Driving law coming into effect 2 March sets “zero tolerance / exposure levels” for cannabis, equivalent to LSD detection levels.

This may be my most contentious post to date, but it’s our regular dose of Sunday Sanity so here goes…

The new laws seem to have been passed, idiotically, with zero consultation if the call from Nick Clegg in this mornings Sunday Mail can be believed:

I wonder if Richard knows what he’s getting into (hashtag richardbranson, hashtag virgin).

Drachonian Detection Levels.

A clinical dose of THC is about 100 thousandths of a gram, LSD is about 100 millionths of a gram, but the detection levels are set to 2 millionths of a gram for THC and 1 millionth of a gram for LSD; efectively 1% of a dose for LSD, but 0.0001% of a dose of THC.

This is the “exposure level” mentioned in the government documents.

Exposure level. No more parties. No more festivals, no more of those sophisticated dinner evenings where the hostess really HAS the most-est…

And THC has the ability to stay in the body-fats so that you would still be detectable a month later, at the published limits. Detectable and subject to an 18 month ban, 1 year in prison and £5ooo fine.

Before you all go off with your “It’s for the best” and “Think of the children”, this horrendously punitive law is expected to save 80 lives over 20 years. Only 4 per year.

Every year, there is one car load of kids that crash coming home from a festival or rave. There it is. One accident per year. Tragic, but statistically inevitable.

Don’t fall for the hypocrite’s pathological altrueism (“This will hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you!”). Especially when their own people are smoking crack


using methamphetamines and rent-boys

and all our MPs are on coke

or just completely over-doing ‘it’ at work…–xkniRraSOe

I, as some of you may know, suffer from MS and have kept my condition mostly stable for more than 20 years now. I can’t tolerate the usual prescription meds offered (‘long-term poisons’) and instead just go with the pair-relief method. Having maintained this regime for most of that 20 years, I am in no way impaired in my driving, but WAY over the limits mentioned above.

I suspect I might not be the only one. However; many thousands of good people will have their lives ruined by this new legislation, and a car full of students will still crash every year. It’s just more Fascism from our worsening Police State.


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