On the one hand, I don’t see how a smart meter will help.

On the one hand, I don’t see how a smart meter will help me reduce my water or energy consumption; I have a two-bed flat with no swimming pool and a modern washing machine. My consumption cannot be reduced.
Same with my electricity and gas.

I am house-bound, double incontinent and in constant pain.

We live on the minimum of everything; my systems are under constant scrutiny because I have ‘green-guilt’ and I wash my clothes on “Cold” for example (the motor only takes 10% of the energy used by the heater element during a wash cycle).

Plus on the other hand, since moving to my flat, my MS has stopped, and even gone into reverse. We (my son and I) moved into bedsit-land in Brighton in Oct 2008, with neighbours above and below, to the side and adjoining, nine in all, all with wi-fi and dongles and wire-less mice and keyboards. My condition (which had been worsening since installing wifi in my bungalow in 2002) went into free-fall, and I was soon classed as “Homeless-at-home” and had a huge care package paid for by Brighton+Hove by Feb 2009.

When I moved here soon after, I went ‘hard-wired’ and got rid of everything wire-less but my mobile phone (non-smart type), and the only adjoining neighbour is directly above. We jut-out into a carpark, so my exposure is reduced by 10x at least.

My MS has stopped and gone into reverse. I cannot say it often enough.
It’s amazing; I am on the edge of being a fully functioning member of society again (www.alacrityaudio.co.uk this is me. Not paying yet, but give it a year or two).
My dependence on my son is reducing and my hugely expensive Local Authority care-package has been closed with my agreement.

The wire-less network I had was in the range of 1 or two watts, opposed to a mobile phone which is 0.1 to 0.03w.
The proposed transmitters are capable of up to 50W, to ensure a blanket coverage of up to 30 miles, and must be placed, in my circumstances, within the confines of my property.
This will cause my health to tumble and the residual impacts on local services and my young carer would be enormous, way exceeding any benefits from forcing me as a double- incontinent person to take fewer baths.


Surely, if it is more expensive to be on the water rates, it is in their benefit to leave me on them. I’m not selling the water or filling a pool. Just having my fair share. And it’s not like they have to pay anyone to read my passive meter, because I”m on the water rates, so no meter. Flat rate payment.
Plus they don’t have to pay for a new meter.
It’s cheapest for them to leave me as I am.



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