Sunday Sanity. Did you know that there is an Election coming?

Sunday Sanity. Did you know that there is an Election coming?

“They” don’t seem to be making very much effort, do they? I can think of a few policies that could be paid for out of the current budget and would grab the Public’s attention. In no particular order:

  • Solar panels on every available roof-top, instead of 6x nuclear reactors (Fukushima is still burning, you know… 4th birthday coming up and no end in sight).
  • Times Tables at school, but scrap sex-education for under-14s.
  • Australian points-led style Immigration policy.
  • Out of EU. They’re not going anywhere so we can still trade, we just don’t have to be ruled by them.
  • Restore and improve ties and trade with our Commonwealth countries.
  • Council-House building program.
  • Abolish Anti-Terrorism  and Anti-Free-Speech laws, and instead re-introduce the Capital Offense of Treason.
  • Repatriation to country of origin for anyone convicted of a Capital Offense.
  • Full and unfettered Child Sexual Abuse inquiry into Dolphin Square, Elm Guesthouse, Nottingham’s Beechgrove Care Home, and the miscarriages of justice against Robert Green, Melanie Shaw and the many other silenced witnesses.
  • End Trident nuke program.
  • End Smart Meter roll-out.
  • Pay levels legislation to reintroduce FAIRNESS back in to the working sphere. Why do we need Working Tax Credits, work should provide enough..
  • Restoration of our manufacturing sector.
  • Full ban on anti-personnel land mines.

With the eventual aim of restoring the sovereign independence of our country and shared Commonwealth.

Any other ideas?


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