Sunday Sanity; Appalling state of UK HiFi Research and Development Funding.

Regarding the appalling state of UK HiFi Research and Development Funding; this has got to be addressed. I remember Wharfedale producing really slick and smooth dual-concentric headphones (WD-40’s?) that sounded amazing.

I actually hooked a pair up to a 25W amplifiers’ speaker outputs, gathering a probable 120dB or more, ‘in-cup’ without distortion, of mind-blowingly loud gorgeous music. Then you’ve got the likes of John Peel, from the same era, (an era of the LS3/5a and Spendor, et al, all pushed by the BBC’s own research department) photographed on stage wearing a pair of bloody SONYs… why didn’t they ask him “Why?”.

Why didn’t they listen if he’d answered..?

Why didn’t they ask themselves “Why?”.

If anyone asks, tell them that that’s why we are where we are today.

Without supporting UK based Research and Development, all the industries that lean-in on it are DOOMED!!!


UPDATE (it’s still Sunday…); Russia has developed and deployed a supersonic nuclear bomber capable of out-running the Typhoon Euro-fighter while carrying 40 tones of bombs. We shut down Concord, the Harrier, Polaris, Nimrod, Vulcan, scrapped our aircraft-carriers and have to borrow Navel Engineers from our allies and buy USA -made fighter-aircraft that are never going to be combat-ready (ie; F-35 Type C), and cost more  each than TWICE the price of the last Ark Royal. Words fail me…

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