Human Sensory Equipment; Pros and Cons.

Okay, I’ve been asked to clarify my previous post. The question was “If you can use the same model in explaining Electricity and Acoustics, why are our ears and eyes so different?”.

The answer is simple; FREQUENCY.

The structures required to encode visible light at frequencies of 4 x 10-to-the-power-of-14 Hertz or above are so small that they have to be on the molecular level, ie, the size of one molecule of sugar, that, incidentally takes 6 photons before it switches to it’s isomer and emits a tiny electrical signal to the optical nerve.

The structures to receive sound at frequencies of 4 x 10-to-the-power-of-one Hertz are much larger, depending on a resonant horn filled with hairs that react to the frequencies at different sites of the horn (or Cochlea, to give the structure it’s proper name).

Interestingly, the eye can encode only one octave of electromagnetic frequencies while the ear perceives more than TEN octaves of acoustic information.

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