Caterthun8 Special.

We are often approached for ‘specials’ here, at AA, and once in a while they’re a really good idea. Late last year for example, I was asked if I could supply a batch of Caterthun8s with a bass-unit other than our usual paper-cone (client had concerns about moisture, and we do everything we can to ensure customer satisfaction).

Now, we’ve placed many demands on our cone supplier over the years, resulting in some pretty wonderful designs which have helped to propel us to the forefront of audio reproductive abilities. The most recent was the development of our “KevBon” 5 inch cone, very ‘hush-hush’, designed to withstand the extreme pressures produced inside our super-low compliance cabinets (see previous post “30Hertz From A 5 Inch Cone”). It is expensive to use and difficult to work with, but our Heroes made it happen.

I asked them to do it again.

As you can imagine, there were more than 1 attempt at getting the cone right, but after the client was demo’ed the finished product we ordered a small production run covering the order plus a couple of spares.

The result was astounding. Despite a 2dB loss in sensitivity, they still put a huge smile on my face as well as that of the client. I really love my pair; they do the “invisibility” thing that the original paper-coned Caterthun8s were so roundly lauded for and, like all our Cat8s, are probably the closest approach to the original sound (to coin a phrase) in our range. Well, it’s between the Cat8s and our Dundee5 floorstanders. The thickness-of-paper that separates them is that our Caterthun range have an exuberant ‘studio-monitor’ style of presentation matched with a magnificent bass response, while our Dundee floorstanding range are somehow more domesticated and relaxed, (if in need of a bit more power). And this is due to the application of our technology; it is not within the nature of the cones themselves.

And despite their increased expense, I think we might be using the KevBon 8″ cones in preference from now on.

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Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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