One of ‘those’ hifi moments…

My better three-quarters has been floating round the IKEAs recently with that home-remodeling thing going on in her little head, and discussions this evening fell to the actual MOVING MY HIFI bit. Her ultimate goal, I’m sure, is to limit me to a single stereo pair in the livingroom at any one time; most unacceptable. So, after the usual “no, what do YOU want” ‘s had run their course and a decision had to be made, I asked “so which pair do you prefer?”, to which she looked very puzzled.

I should point out at this stage that we were packing D5s, D6s and C8s under the projector wall after a demo earlier yesterday, and apart from that delicate difference in appeal, they’re difficult to audibly split. The C8s are deep, clear and fast, the D5s are deep, clear and rich and the D6s are just deep and clear, but they all do this amazing, ‘transparency’, disappearing-act on your ears.

So she says “I dunno. Which pair is playing?” and I opened my mouth to answer, and I had no idea.


I absolutely cracked-up laughing because… I should’ve known. I should’ve been able to tell the difference and just say, “oh, it’s the such-n-such”, even if I was just blagging it, but because, just in that instance, it mattered, I had to get it right, and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t tell which was which.. However, if I’m honest, any of them would do. They just don’t sound like loudspeakers… they just sound like the sound.

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