Explaining our product range.

In response to a recent article, questions have been asked about the actual products and their price-point positions within our range (and why we seem to be ‘missing some obvious models’).

Our range starts at the Caterthun6, which for decades has fully satisfied my ears. When properly set-up, it seemed there was nothing they could not do. I had prototyped a ‘Caterthun5’ very early on in my career but, as wonderful as they were, they are a step-down from the Cat6, and would cost the same to produce, so offer poor value-for-money in my business opinion, though their shock-and-awe factor could rate highly due to their diminutive size. Still, at the same money, I’d pay for the 6s. Louder/watt, more power and (slightly) better bass, they’re my favorites, apart from the Caterthun8s.

The Caterthun8s are a constant stream of surprise and delight. Their openness and speed reveal layers of new detail in an instant “Wow” format. Their high sensitivity and rigid paper bass unit give the very best of that ‘paper’ sound; which can be so intimate on vocals and revealing of midrange detail, plus their extra size brings finger-fretboard thumping levels of bass detail retrieval. They are our most amplifier-friendly loudspeakers, apart from the Dundee5s.

The Dundee5s are a tall floorstanding 1/4 wave transmission line combined with our Acoustic Induction material and a fiber woven contoured cone. Power handling levels are truly astounding and the woven bass unit is as warm as a woolly jumper without muffling any midrange or blurring any bass tones. And the bass response jumps by 100% or more over the Cat8. Somehow, they dig another octave out of the record and seem to add an extra 3db to it, relatively. Their stereo imagery is still 10 feet deep and pinpoint focused, infact, possibly the most breathtaking of all. Add this to their stunning accurate vocals and you have a brilliantly executed loudspeaker, almost as good as our Dundee6.

The Dundee6 is just sublime. Never have I heard a loudspeaker that disappears into the room like the Dundee6. Never have I heard vocals handled as well as they are on the Dundee6. Never have I experienced such a wide dynamic range as I have on the Dundee6. And never have I experienced such clean and deep bass. Our floorstanders cost a little more to build, pack and ship, but they offer a whole next-level-but-one of performance over the cheaper Caterthun range. Of the two, there is a difference. I prefer the absolute clinicality of the Dundee6s, their ‘no-compromise’ approach. And they’re up a bit on Output, Power and Dynamics over their smaller cousins.

To the questions raised;

“Why aren’t there any Caterthun 5 speakers?”

We already covered that one.

“Where are the Dundee8s?”

There will never be a Dundee8, unless we design a public-address system, in which case we wouldn’t go with an 8, but something a bit bigger.

“What’s next then?”

Well, um, we could try something new…

About Alacrity Audio

Designed and built in the UK, Alacrity Audio’s loudspeaker systems offer unbelievable sound quality in convenient close-to-wall designs.
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