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  • cashbackOur custom designed and built Caterthun Loudspeaker Stands now are included FREE, saving you £349 GBP! For online UK/EU mainland customers only. Simply purchase any model from our free-standing Caterthun range via our on-line shop, and we will include a complimentary pair of our matching specially designed, high-quality, pre-filled and ideally damped loudspeaker stands with your shipment, and ship your order to you for FREE!

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    TNT-Audio: “Acoustically invisible”

    HiFi Pig: “Explosive”

    MADE IN BRIGHTON and featuring our unique technology, Acoustic Induction, the Caterthun range of loudspeakers have one function: to reveal the true dynamics of the sounds you love.

    New test results available HERE!
    Yes, we take actual measurements, and we are not afraid to show them!

    Online customers can now take advantage of FREE UK shipping. Take advantage of this by purchasing your loudspeakers online.

    HIFI Critic - Recommended ProductDesigned and built in the UK, the Caterthuns are high-end boundary-proximity drivers. Utilizing our Acoustic Induction cabinet-loading material, they deliver consistently class-beating sound quality when placed conveniently close to their rear-wall.

    Each loudspeaker is expertly hand-crafted to exacting standards and is available finished in classic English Oak or a range of specially chosen veneers.

    While no manufacturer can be sure of the circumstances within which their product will be used, we here at Alacrity Audio Limited feel confident in offering a 5 year guarantee on parts and workmanship.

    Black CatsWe also do custom finishes to your taste! Such as our gorgeous Black Cats 6, with a flawless mirror-black finish and up-rated crossover components. When working in the studio until late o’clock, the last thing you need is distractions. Our new Black Cats are designed to disappear into the dark, leaving you with nothing but pure, purr-fect sound, and keep working as long as you can. Available online>>