Real Stereo

Alacrity Audio proudly support the Real Stereo campaign.

Alacrity Audio is a trail-blazer in sound technology with an obsessive dedication to quality audio output and many years experience seeking control over the elusive energies of sound. This is what has resulted in our latest loudspeakers; the Caterthun (cah-teh-tun) range.

Alacrity Audio is currently developing a new 6.5″ bass unit capable, when partnered with our patented Acoustic Induction technology, of reaching from the lowest audible frequency to over 15 kHz, becoming the world’s first perfect full-range single point source loudspeaker system.

Breaking sound barriers (ok, pardon the pun) is what Alacrity Audio is all about. But you can get this kind of audio performance in your home now. With the release of our Caterthun loudspeaker system you get proven audio components and our own patented technology, built to deliver the best sound in the world to your ears. All in a high-quality, classic and unfussy cabinet which will draw praise from admirers, and drools of jealousy from audiophiles.