Alan Sircom, HiFi+ Issue 120
“…extremely good…”, “…controlled depth…”, “…hard to beat.”

Nick Whetstone, TNT-online
“…incredible…”, “…excellent…”, “…the best.”

Dundee speaker JPEGThe Dundee6 is a hybrid of our hugely successful Caterthun loudspeaker with a 1/4 wave tuned transmission line cabinet.

Because our Acoustic Induction cabinet loading material acts as a 100Hz, 36dB / octave low-pass filter, we do not have to find a way of absorbing all the mid-range, rear-ward radiation from our bass unit.
Therefore, the bass notes are fast, tight and immediate, with all the weight and extension you might expect from such a design, plus a whole lot more.

Overhead Expansion Chamber to reduce upper resonant frequency of the transmission line.
Sharp edges and corners to reduce acoustic coronal effects, such as Incidental Waves and blurred stereo imagery.
Front Damping Panel to reduce Frontal Incidental Waves. This may be removed to increase aesthetic appeal, revealing the edges of the mounting recess which, as they have the requisite sharp edges, perform 90% of the same function. Upgrades may be available in the future.
Precision machined Trim Ring to prevent Incidental Waves and tighten stereo imagery
Removable base-plate with carpet spikes to lower the center of Gravity.
Base-plates are available in a number of finishes (Aluminium as standard, plus Corian, marble, granite, etc, POA.)
Only air-core coils and non-electrolytic capacitors used in both bass and treble sections of all our crossovers.
Solutions to massively reduce cross/mutual inductance of cross-over components.

‘Warmth’ is improved, as is the stereo imaging.
Here are some stats;

Technical Specification:

Minimum Amp Power; 10 W RMS

Maximum Input: 250 – 300 W RMS
Maximum Output: 120+ dB
Minimum Impedance: 8 Ohms.
W x H x D: 1200 x 180 x 300 mm
Frequency Response: Delightful
Crossover Frequency: 2.25KHz
Bi-wireable: Yes
Connections: 4mm Gold
Bass Port: Rear-ported Transmission line
Drivers: LF 16cm Bass Mid / HF 20mm Soft Dome
Finish: Oiled, real wood veneers or high gloss lacquers
Optional Extras: none
Recommended Placement: 10 – 15 cm from rear wall
Recommended Stand; none
Shipping Weight: 45 Kg per loudspeaker, packed


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